I used to carry the mindset that wine is a women’s drink – men should drink “manly” drinks like beer or take shots of Henny, leave the wine and fruity cocktails for the ladies. Perhaps it was due to a combination of ignorance and social conditioning. Unfortunately, society seems to have instilled in many of us the concept that wine is for women and beer is for men. To such a degree that one company launched the Mancan, wine in a can. The idea came when a man wanted to order wine while at a bar with his friend but didn’t want to have it in a wine glass when his friend had a can of beer. Now, thanks to products like the Mancan, men who prefer wine can secretly chug back some red blends and still feel secure about their masculinity.

Men should not feel self-conscious about drinking wine. In reality, the notion of a uniquely male or female drink is a stereotypical misconception. While it is true women consume more wine than men, men spend more money on wine searching for higher quality. According to a recent study by The Canadean Group, women account for 59% of wine consumption with men making up only 41%. However, men spent $1.8 billion on wine in 2013, while women spent only $1.0 billion. Canadean’s Senior Analyst, Catherine O’Connor, suggests, “these findings reflect a growing wine connoisseurship among American men.” More and more men are catching on and dropping the “feminine drink” myth. Additionally, drinking wine holds a number of benefits for men.

Fight Prostate Cancer

It is common knowledge among many that wine is believed to have several health benefits, from improved brain function to lowered risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and different types of cancer. For men in particular, red wine helps protect against prostate cancer.

Impress Your Date

Ladies love wine! Remember, three out of five wine consumers are female. You can use your knowledge of wine to impress your date. Reading and ordering from a wine menu can be confusing and intimidating. The last thing you want is to start fumbling your words with ummms and ahhhs, sounding like Beaky Buzzard in front of your date. Knowing how and what to order definitely will earn you some points. It shows you are a sophisticated gentleman with confidence and class. Just don’t come off as an arrogant wine snob.

Good for Business

Networking is imperative in business. Sometimes this involves entertaining guests over dinner, whether it’s a client, business partner, boss, or employee. Ordering wine at a business dinner is no trivial matter. Being able to pick out a fine wine from the menu displays competence and etiquette. It’s quite similar to going on a date. It enhances the dining experience and is sure to score yourself some points with your business associates.

Knockin’ the Boots

In addition to being an aphrodisiac, scientists also have found red wine prevents erectile dysfunction. According to a recent article on Wine Spectator, the January 2016 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study focusing on certain flavonoid-rich fruits and their by-products, such as wine. The study found flavonoids help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. According to lead researcher, Aedín Cassidy, red wine in particular, is a “good dietary source of these flavonoids.” So, in the words of the late, great Teddy Pendergrass, “turn off the lights and light a candle.” After you drink your glass of wine.

Wine BBQ

I’m not suggesting you give up your bourbon or beer. I still enjoy cracking a few cold ones myself. However, a true gentleman and alpha is versatile, able to adapt to many different situations, and sometimes liquor and beer simply doesn’t fit the bill. Many fine dining restaurants serve only wine. Some may have other options, but do you honestly want to sit there sipping Heineken while others are enjoying an $80 bottle of Cabernet with their braised lamb?