Common Types of Dessert Wine: Sweet Tooth Edition

May 22nd, 2016 Wine & Dine Von Vino 4 min read

There is no simple definition of a dessert wine. In fact, different sources often provide different definitions. The Dictionary of Wine defines dessert wine as, “A sweet wine, sometimes fortified to higher alcohol content with brandy, traditionally served with dessert or as an after-dinner drink.” The legal definition of dessert wine, according to the TTB, is a “grape wine with an alcoholic content in excess…

The Perfect Couple: Wine & Food Pairing

Feb 24th, 2016 Wine & Dine Von Vino 5 min read

Throughout history wine has been an integral part of the dining experience. For many, it was viewed as just another part of a staple diet. There wasn’t much focus on which wine would match with a particular dish. Whatever wine was available likely is what was used. However, as time progressed and culinary and wine-making practices developed alongside one another, wine and food pairing became a traditional…

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